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You can then start playing the game and estimate its time to complete specific issues. Usually this is done a few days before the end of the iteration and immediately following a daily standup, since the whole team is together at that time anyway. The Poker tool session begins with the customer or product owner reading an Agile-based user story or describing a desired feature to the team.

If you wish to collect the information about the work of planning poker with a distributed team, you must understand a simple concept in sequence ways. A focus on responding to change.Traditional software development used to avoid change because it was considered an undesired expense. The shortiterationsin the Agile cycle allow changes to easily be made, helping the team modify the process to best fit their needs rather than the other way around.

Several web applications and mobile applications exist for the purpose. When the group has concluded this new round of discussion, everyone will again review their cards and either keep their previous choice or select a new one. All participants will again reveal their cards at the same time.

definition of planning poker

The cards are numbered as they are to account for the fact that the longer an estimate is, the more uncertainty it contains. People with high estimates and low estimates are given a soap box to offer their justification for their estimate and then the discussion continues. The reason for using the Fibonacci sequence instead of simply doubling each subsequent value is because estimating a task as exactly double the effort as another task is misleadingly precise. A task that is about twice as much effort as a 5, has to be evaluated as either a bit less than double or a bit more than double . A dominating person in the group can unduly influence the other participants.

If a feature takes more than two weeks to build, then it should be broken down into smaller features. The primary advantage of FDD is that it isscalable– even to large teams — since it uses the concept of “just enough design initially,” or JEDI. During the second step,inception, team members are identified, funding is established and the initial requirements are discussed with the customer.

Prerequisites for the planning poker estimation technique

Each card is used for certain workflow states and can hold specific information about the process of your workflow or issues you have. If you want more accuracy, you also have the option to decide on what kind of Jira software card you would like to use. Planning should only take place up to the point where you do this type of work each day. You can exempt this process if there aren’t enough people involved or other issues. That means you are through the definition and the benefits of the concept.

I like to set up recurring 90 minute weekly meetings with the project team. The Product Owner or someone that can speak to the User Story requirements should attend. For example if you add up the points on each story in your backlog and you get say 100. If your sprint velocity is 10; where you are completing 10 points worth of stories per sprint, you will need 10 sprints to complete all the work in the backlog. Teams estimating with Planning Poker consistently report that they achieve accurate estimates. Whenever the Scrum team is facing an error with the projector breakdown, and distribution of project requirements, poker is really responsible to fix the problem by searching the solution.

definition of planning poker

The Agile Manifesto continues to place value on the process of documentation, but it places higher value on working software. Items are added to the product backlog incrementally throughout the project’s lifespan. That’s why it’s usually more convenient for teams to conduct sessions once per iteration. In most cases, this happens some days after the iteration ends. Similarly, it also occurs right after a daily standup because the entire team is present.


The remaining stories will likely not fit within the sprint planning timeframe. These stories are in pile two, which represents the sprint backlog. The kanban planning board enables you to develop your story point estimates quickly and efficiently. To conclude, planning poker is not the best option definition of planning poker if the team accounts for time outside the working hours, like planning things while at a conference. The next step is to develop another user story based on the agreed criteria. This story usually has its basis on how long the sprint has left compared to everything else which is still in progress.

  • After the discussion, each person will privately select a card from the deck.
  • The Product Owner will open the team’s backlog and go through each story or task one by one.
  • Depending on the size of the entire project, the process can stretch into several days.
  • Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used for timeboxing in Agile principles.

Players pick a card anonymously and the team discusses the outcome. Each member of the team will choose a card from their deck — one that they feel represents the amount of effort required https://globalcloudteam.com/ to complete this task. Of these numbers is up to the team in question, but the idea is that the numbers should go up in line with the amount of effort a particular task might require.

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Planning Poker cards are available in the Mountain Goat Software store. Mountain Goat Software’s branded Planning Poker cards are sold at cost as a courtesy to the agile community. Insights and faster play times, making the entire process more productive. Not only will the numbers on the cards depend on what your team deems appropriate, but what the numbers represent will also be up to your group. They could be something vague, such as “story points”, or something more concrete, like man-hours.

After the release, the fifth step,production, focuses on the ongoing support necessary to maintain the software. The development teams must keep the software running smoothly while also teaching users exactly how to use it. The production phase continues until the support has ended or the product is planned for retirement. This information can then be used to prioritize projects and discern which ones are worth pursuing based on technical and economic feasibility. Usually, teams arrange a session after creating the initial backlog.

definition of planning poker

In individual cases this may be correct, but it would certainly be better to reduce the uncertainty and define spike stories, for example. As soon as there is clarity about the actual scope of the task, nothing stands in the way of estimating the effort in a later Planning Poker. Planning Poker is a variant of the so-called Wideband Delphi method. It is often used as an alternative to the Team Estimation Game or Magic Estimation in agile software development.

Use Cases vs User Stories

All the entries are important to show at the prioritized level and the Scrum Product Backlog is ordered easily. It’s important in DSDM that not every requirement is considered critical. Each iteration should include less critical items which can be removed so higher priority requirements are not impacted. Like other Agile methodologies, Crystal emphasizes frequent delivery of working software with high customer involvement, adaptability and the elimination of bureaucracy and distractions. Its key principles include communication, teamwork and simplicity.

definition of planning poker

The planning poker method ensures that everyone gets a turn to provide input about the estimated difficulty of action items without feeling rushed or waiting too long to answer. This factoid is perhaps one of the main reasons people choose to use such a simple tool as planning poker when faced with tasks that might take a few days to over a year to complete. The estimators discuss the feature, asking questions of the product owner as needed. When the feature has been fully discussed, each estimator privately selects one card to represent his or her estimate.

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It makes the time estimations easier by getting everyone involved. It allows you to plan sprints better and get the work done faster because your whole team is working together. Planning poker is an agile method that uses a deck of planning poker cards marked with numbers to estimate effort or complexity. Second, a lively dialogue ensues during poker planning, and estimators are called upon by their peers to justify their estimates. Researchers have found that this improves estimate accuracy, especially on items with a lot of uncertainty as we find on most software projects.

Online Tools

Note that estimators who chose especially low or high should explain their choices. The effect of the so-called anchor heuristic is avoided, where participants are influenced by previously mentioned effort estimates. The combination of simple rules of the game and targeted moderation ensures a structured process. As a result, not everyone discusses with everyone, but two participants who must find a common denominator together. The procedure from estimation – discussion – re-estimation could theoretically be repeated until a common effort estimation is reached.

The quality of the estimation increases because each participant can present his or her point of view and therefore everyone is heard. In addition, information is shared between the participants in the course of the discussion that might otherwise have remained hidden. All participants turn their cards over together on the moderator’s command. Alternatively, there are card sets with a pure Fibonacci sequence or the so-called T-Shirt Sizes . Usually the estimation is based on the Story Points that are widely used in Scrum. Optimize the process of determining the value that each item brings to the business against the estimated cost of its development, according to the Return on Investment .

Step 3: Discuss

In this way, the discussion portion of a planning poker meeting can lead to a team talking itself into believing it can accomplish more with less time than they actually can. The process sounds odd, admittedly, and you may be wondering, “Of all the tools you can choose from, why Planning Poker? Alternatively Planning Poker is also called Scrum Poker, but not because it has its origin in Scrum, but because it is used in Sprint Planning in Scrum. The list of tasks then corresponds to the Backlog or Sprint Backlog. Planning Poker is often played in Extreme Programming as well, but there is no such term as Extreme Programming Poker. Basically the use is always suitable when the complexity or the effort of individual tasks must be estimated and several employees contribute to a development together.

When used with story points, planning poker makes it easy to track velocity over time and use that data to estimate future work. Planning poker is an estimation technique that has become very popular in agile software development. Additionally, studies have shown that averaging individual estimates during agile estimating and planning leads to better results as do group discussions of estimates. Each estimator is holding a deck of Planning Poker cards with values like 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100, which is the sequence we recommend.

Agile has largely replaced waterfall as the most popular development methodology in most companies, but is itself at risk of being eclipsed or consumed by the growing popularity ofDevOps. Once this new deliberation ends, everyone will go through their deck and show them again. If a participant continues to agree with their last choice, then they will repeat the card or eventually choose a new one. Automate the Scrum events and related activities with self-explanatory instructions, samples and required document templates.

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